The Peter F. Drucker Award

For Canadian Non Profit Innovation (2002)


Mrs. Lucci’s Second Hand Store
Winnipeg River Community Resource Centre
Elements:  Shared Values,Strategy,Structure
Year: 2002

Mrs. Lucci’s has been a part of the community of Lac du Bonnet since August 1998 providing residents in the community and surrounding area a variety of programs and services. The Winnipeg River Community Resource Center (WRCRC) was developed through the identification of additional needs within the region. The WRCRC is now responsible for the programs initiated by Mrs. Lucci’s Second Hand Store. Mrs. Lucci’s will remain a part of the community by providing youth with a place to gain work experience, community groups with an opportunity to fund raise and shoppers to purchase second hand goods.

Programming targets the entire community but will focus on the at-risk population. All programs and supports will be individually focused, holistic in nature and will look to the Determinants of Health to ensure all aspects of health are addressed.

About the Innovative Program

Though the schools and Social Service Agencies in the region, it was recognized that people were falling between the cracks of the existing programs for development (education) and well-being. Children were coming to school hungry and youth were dropping out before graduating. Many of these young people were facing complications in their lives, added responsibilities (unplanned pregnancies), low self-esteem, no work place skills and little or no prospects for work. Unemployment and need for affordable clothing and household items were growing in the region.

The Eastman region of Manitoba where Mrs. Lucci’s is located, is a growing recreational area; cottage country. The local Chambers and Councils saw a growing need to provide a shopping option to this clientele.

Mrs. Lucci’s began through a partnership between Public Health (North Eastman Health Association), Centennial School (Agassiz School Division) and the Lac du Bonnet Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce saw a need for a second hand store to draw the cottagers into the community, the School needed a place to teach practical living skills in a real-life setting and the Public Health Nurse had clients in need of affordable clothing and a place for clients to go and feel a part of the community.

The community generously donates all merchandise sold at Mrs. Lucci’s. As a way to give back to the community, Mrs. Lucci’s offers local service groups the opportunity to work the store for 6 days within a two-week period and in return they (the service group) receive 50% of the profits for those weeks up to a maximum of $500. The program is called the Profit Sharing Program. This program means Mrs. Lucci’s never has to advertise because every two weeks a different service group is working the store and spreading the word to shop and donate to the store to ensure their (the service group) maximum share can be reached. Between October 1998 and February 2002 Mrs. Lucci’s has given $45,472.74 back to the community. This initiative promotes community involvement and support for Mrs. Lucci’s and the programs it offers to the community and those in need.